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🍂Set Your Thermostat for a Cozy Autumn🍁

With the autumn season just around the corner, it’s that time of year when you prepare to change the temperate on your thermostat. The fall may start off warm, but it gradually progresses to cooler weather that can make you feel downright chilly at times, even at home. You must set your thermostat appropriately so that you can feel cozy this coming autumn.

Consider Settings That are Energy Efficient

One of the most important things to think about is how to be energy efficient with your thermostat’s settings. If you want to keep your home comfortable as the weather grows cooler, you should set the thermostat temp to anywhere from 65 and 67 degrees. This ensures that your home is warmer than the outdoors but is not demanding too much out of your thermostat. You will see that you can save money as well as precious energy.

Non-Programmable Thermostats

If you have a non-programmable thermostat, you can make sure to commit to setting it at the proper temper manually. It’s important to remember that if your thermostat has a constantly changing temperature setting, it can cost you a lot of money. If you don’t believe you would be able to commit to being on top of the thermostat’s settings, you should look into replacing your non-programmable unit with one that is programmable.

Programmable Thermostats

A programmable thermostat is easy to use and convenient for individuals who have a busy everyday schedule. You simply set the appropriate temperature for the time or times you wish and leave it at that. During the fall, the temperatures go down at night. As a result, you might want to raise the thermostat by one or two degrees while everyone is still awake. With a programmable thermostat, you can do that without having to lift a finger or even think about it. It is also more energy-efficient on the whole.

Heat Pump

If you are worried about becoming cold during the night and want to save even more money and energy, you can also have a heat pump installed. This unit is similar to an air conditioner but essentially does the opposite as it delivers more heat to your home later in the fall and heading into the winter.

It’s also important to remember to set the temperature lower on your thermostat through the night when you are sleeping. This is not only better for saving energy, but it also prevents you and members of your household from having to wake up sweating in the middle of the night. If you are chilly when you turn in for the night, you can always throw an extra blanket on your bed.

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