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AC Tune Up & Maintenance In Bradenton & Sarasota, FL

Reliable AC Tune-Up Services in Bradenton & Sarasota, FL

Just like any appliance or other equipment in your home, your air conditioner needs to be maintained if you want it to run efficiently and work properly. Scheduling an AC tune-up and maintenance service in Bradenton & Sarasota, FL can help you get the most out of your unit.

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What is an AC Tune-up Service?AC Tune-Up in Bradenton, FL

The goal of AC tune-up is to ensure your system is working at its peak performance and to catch small issues before they become huge headaches. A healthy air conditioner can save you money on your operating costs, have better climate control, and enjoy a quieter machine.

During an AC tune-up, our team will calibrate your thermostat, examine all of the air conditioner’s electrical parts and tighten any loose pieces. We’ll check your refrigerant levels to ensure you don’t have any leaks. We also check on parts such as the motor and blower belt. If there are any broken parts, we replace them with your approval.

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Steps of a Professional AC Tune Up

Check the Insulation on the Refrigerant Lines

It is not uncommon for the insulation on the refrigerant lines to deteriorate as your central air conditioner becomes older. If your refrigerant lines do not have a sufficient amount of insulation, the refrigerant may compress and liquid may start to leak onto internal parts and components. To prevent mold growth, our team of licensed technicians will perform an inspection of the refrigerant lines to confirm the insulation surrounding the refrigerant pipes is not damaged.

Inspect the Condensate Line

The water that is produced by the refrigerant in a central air conditioner during a standard cycle is distributed to a drain pan to prevent water damage and mold growth in your household. Drain pans are integrated into condensate lines that are directly beneath the evaporator coils. These pipes run to an outside wall and are designed to circulate moisture from the air conditioner to the outdoors.

Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for condensate lines to crack as they become older. Our staff of certified contractors will perform an inspection of the condensate pipes for cracks or holes at the beginning of the AC tune-up appointment. If a pipe is not able to be repaired, we will install a new drain pipe to ensure your drain pan does not overflow.

Test the Safety Disconnect

The safety disconnect box that is integrated with your central air conditioner is engineered to monitor the breakers and fuses. The safety disconnect features a switch or controls that make it possible to deactivate the air conditioning system. In addition, the disconnect box is designed to protect the wires that are integrated with an air conditioner from rain and moisture.

If you’re having problems with fuses or breakers, do not attempt to use the safety disconnect box. Give us a call and we will perform a variety of tests on the safety disconnect box to ensure it’s distributing electricity to the air conditioner. If the safety disconnect is broken or damaged, our staff will install a new safety disconnect box.

Lubricate the Blower Motor Fan

A central air conditioner features a blower motor fan that is designed to push air through the condenser coils to release heat. As the blower motor reaches the middle of its lifecycle, the motor oil will start to disintegrate. Once the supply of oil in the blower motor becomes too low, the total amount of friction will increase between parts and components.

If your air conditioner is producing strange noises, the source of the problem may be a minimal supply of oil. Our team of professional AC tune up technicians will apply premium oil to the bearings on the high-speed blower motor fan. The oil will increase the efficiency of the blower fan and compressor.

Assess the Motor Capacitors

The motor capacitors are engineered to accumulate energy and distribute it to the motor when a central air conditioner is activated and operating. The capacitors are circular-shaped chambers on the interior of an air conditioning system. The two most common types of capacitors are starting capacitors and run capacitors. If you are not able to start your air conditioner, this is a sign of a problem with the motor capacitors. Once our staff arrives at your household to perform an AC tune-up, we will perform an inspection of the motor capacitors to confirm they are circulating electricity to the motor properly.

Additional Steps of an Air Conditioner Tune-Up

  • Inspect For Refrigerant Leaks
  • Analyze Airflow to the Evaporator Coils
  • Clean Dirt & Dust Off the Condenser & Evaporator Coils
  • Test the Blower Motor Fan & Belts
  • Eliminate Loose Connections
  • Assess the Condition of Electric Terminals

AC Maintenance Bradenton, FL

How Often Should an AC Maintenance Be Performed?

In many cases, the best thing to do is get your HVAC systems checked out twice a year before any significant weather changes. We recommend hiring a professional to perform an AC tune-up or maintenance appointment prior to the Summer and Winter seasons to ensure optimal performance and reliability.

There are times when you may want to have an AC tune-up completed sooner, depending on your local climate. You may be having air conditioner problems if the system isn’t cooling your home off evenly or removing enough humidity.

Choose the AC Professionals

Before Elite begins with the actual AC tune-up, we start by inspecting the machine to see what kind of work may need to be done. Our technician will calibrate the thermostat, check the airflow, inspect the air filters and the electrical components, and check on the blower components. Ultimately, our goal is to get the system operating as efficiently as possible.

The Cost-Efficient Benefits of AC Maintenance

  • Enjoy fewer repairs at lower prices – Our maintenance professionals will ensure you don’t need as many repair visits, and any repairs you do need will be affordable.
  • Your AC unit will last longer – AC units typically last 12-15 years depending on how well the unit is maintained, your use, and the surrounding environment.
  • Increase in energy efficiency – AC tune-ups ensure your unit is operating at maximum efficiency, lessening your carbon footprint and saving you money on operating costs.
  • Predictable costs – You’ll enjoy the ease of budgeting in advance for maintenance services as our team will help to prevent emergency repair costs.

What Are the Regional and Commercial HVAC Equipment Testing Standards?

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