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Water Line Repair Services in Bradenton & Sarasota, Fl

Water lines waste water, drive up your bill, and can lead to more expensive repairs or replacements. Suffice it to say, if your pipes are leaking, it’s best to get them checked before it gets worse. And who better to trust than a local Bradenton & Sarasota plumbing professional at Elite Heating & Air? 

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Our technicians provide top-notch water line repair services to Bradenton and other areas in Sarasota and Manatee counties. We have listed just some of the services we provide, contact us today for a free estimate

Common Signs of a Water Line Leak

Low Water Pressure

Leaks don’t just cause water to seep out of pipes; they also cause you to lose water pressure. It could be from a leak in your pipes or a problem with your water main. Let one of our experienced water line service team members repair the issue. 

Higher Than Normal Water Bill

No one likes a high water bill. But before you blame someone in your home —consider the possibility of a leak. It may not be a massive problem now, but small leaks can lead to large leaks and even larger bills. 

Flooding in the Yard

Have sinkholes and wet spots in your yard that seemingly appear from nowhere? Unless there was a very recent storm, it could be a water line leak that requires repair. This issue must be addressed right away, so call our team.

Damp Drywall

Are rings appearing on your ceilings or walls? This is a major red flag. What you are seeing is your water line leaking into the drywall. This can severely damage your walls, which is why you need the help of an Elite professional to detect and stop the leak. 

Foundation Issues

Every home sits on a foundation. Unfortunately, this foundation isn’t impenetrable, especially to water leaks. A water leak can gradually seep into the foundation, weakening its structure and contributing to cracks. 

Discolored Water

Water leaks and other issues can discolor or leave an odd taste in your home’s water. If you have an older home, its pipes may be made from Galvanized steel. This material has the potential to corrode, making it a danger to you and anyone in your home. Contact our team to discuss how we can help with water line repair services. 

Unpleasant Odor

Does the water in your home smell bad? It could be a pipe block that’s not allowing sewage and dirty water to flow properly to the sewer line. Our team can help resolve these issues in no time. 

Wet Spots

Are wet spots appearing around your toilet, sink, or tub? It may not be from a spill, but rather a pipe leak. Get in touch with our team for water line repair. 

Noises Coming From Pipes

High water pressure and other water line issues can cause strange sounds to come from your pipe. If you’re hearing bubbling, whistling, or banging sounds, call our team for water line repair. 

Water Line Installation

Dangers of a Water Leak

From a higher water bill to major home flooding, a water line leak is not something you can ignore. It only takes one small leak to start damaging other parts of your home, such as the foundation and walls. Before this happens, contact Elite Heating & Air for water line repair, replacement, or installation. 

Common Causes of Water Line Leaks

High Water Pressure

Water leaks can cause low water pressure, and high water pressure can cause water leaks. It may seem a bit confusing but it makes sense. High pressure in your pipes needs to be released. When it doesn’t happen, pressure builds up and forces its way out, likely creating a break in the water line requiring repair. 

Foundation Shifts

Your home’s foundation can gradually shift. This common occurrence may cause your water lines and pipes to disconnect or burst. 

Clogged Lines

A clogged line is bound to burst unless you have it checked by a professional. If not resolved, the clog can lead to increased pressure that ends up causing a leak or burst pipe.

Temperature Changes

Weather changes are common, but sudden temperature changes can wreak havoc on your pipes. Sudden temperature drops can cause pipes to contract or expand. This is especially true in winter months when pipes can freeze. 

Tree Roots

Tree roots can expand far, wide, and deep in the ground. Occasionally they may come in contact with water lines, causing a leak that will require repair. You’ll notice signs of a leak from a tree root if you notice low water pressure or strange amounts of water in the street. 


Water line materials don’t last forever. Eventually, they will begin to corrode and break down. As soon as you notice this, contact our team for water line replacement or repair. 

Water Line Repair Services in Bradenton & Sarasota, FL

Whether it’s a small leak or an emergency, addressing water line leaks as soon as you notice them is the best way to minimize damage. You can rely on our team to provide you with timely and professional water line repair services. Residents in Bradenton & Sarasota Counties can trust Elite Heating & Air. Call us today at (941) 662-2855 or schedule an appointment online. 

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