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While we tend not to think about our home pipes, they do a lot of work. Think about it: all those minerals and high-water pressure that cascade through our pipes hardly cross our minds. In fact, we probably never think about our pipes until there’s suddenly a problem in the middle of our morning shower. This is where Elite’s home repiping service comes in.

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The truth of the matter is our pipes work hard. It’s only natural that, eventually, our home pipes show signs of wear and tear. 

Over the years, hard water pressure wears down the interior of our home’s pipes, and after many years, that accumulated stress may cause your pipes to stop working or can spring a leak. If the leaks seem to keep popping up and the problems keep coming, no matter how many small repairs you make, it may be time to repipe your entire home.

Signs Your Home Needs Repiping 

Normally, you can see paint chipping or a roof sagging with home systems. But since our pipes are hidden inside our home walls, knowing when a pipe is suffering from corrosion or rust can be challenging. 

Your pipes are a lot like your body’s arteries. Just because you can’t see the arteries doesn’t mean you can’t recognize the symptoms your body exhibits when they are too clogged. 

When your pipes are too old and need repiping, they’ll show signs like:

  • Low water pressure
  • Rusty water
  • Frequent leaks
  • Burst pipe
  • Water tastes and smells bad
  • Water temperature fluctuation

If your home has low water pressure, that means that some of the pipes in your home are blocked with too much excess build-up, or there could be a leak somewhere in the pipeline. 

Either way, if it’s a problem that you keep having to deal with like whack-a-mole, it’s time to look at the broader sense of your home piping. 

This is also true of frequent leaks and burst pipes. When residents have rusty water, that’s a sign that their pipes have become corroded. Rusty water is one of the first signs you’ll get when your house needs repiping. Rather than put it off, try searching for plumbing in Sarasota, FL

plumber repairing a pipeOur Repiping Process 

When you hire the Elite team, you gain the confidence that your repiping job will get done right. One of our certified Sarasota plumbers will arrive on-site to inspect the pipes and determine the problem and solution. It may be the case where you only need to replace one line. If so, our Elite technician will inform you of the problem and discuss possible solutions.  

However, if we determine that the problem is more widespread, we’ll discuss the process with you, your timeline, and what piping material works best for your home and budget. 

Once we’ve decided on a game plan, one of our Elite team members will arrive at your home and carefully replace each pipe until your entire system is new and properly working. 

While replacing your home’s piping might sound daunting, most Florida homes can complete the process within one business day. Of course, this also depends on the size of your home. 

Types of Pipes 

Not every Sarasota house is the same, just as not every piping material is the same. When repiping a home, we offer three types for homeowners to choose from. 

  • Copper
  • CPVC
  • P​EX

Each of these options comes with its benefits and drawbacks. 


If you want durability, copper might be your new best friend. In fact, this hardy piping material easily withstands water pressure up to a staggering 1000 psi. This hearty material can handle its share of high water pressure, and most copper pipes last between 50 and 70 years.

That means once you repipe your home with copper, you won’t have to do it again (if you properly care for your pipes and plumbing systems). 

Another benefit? Copper can also withstand scorching hot temperatures (hello, Florida summers) and are less attractive to rodents. As a result, copper pipes are far less likely to harbor rodent activity.

The biggest drawback is that copper piping tends to be more expensive than other options. Copper will significantly bite your budget if you consider repiping your entire home. 

And if you have sensitive taste buds, copper tends to add a metallic taste to the water. While the water is completely safe to drink, it can still bother some homeowners. 

Lastly, copper does not hold up against acidic water very well. This means it’s crucial not to use harsh chemical drain cleaners on your drains, as they are usually high in acidity. Additionally, you should test your water’s pH level before pulling the trigger on copper pipes, as some water tends to veer more acidic.

If you need advice, ask some of our Elite professionals for guidance. 


CPVC is a type of plastic pressure piping system that is an excellent alternative to copper pipes. Unlike copper, CPVC pipes do not corrode or develop pinhole leaks, and they are much less expensive and require less time to install.

Another advantage of CPVC pipes is that they are lightweight and flexible, making them easy to work with and move around. Additionally, CPVC is designed to withstand extreme temperatures.


In traditional copper and galvanized steel water systems, main lines and smaller branch lines lead to each fixture. 

Each branch line requires a separate connection to the main line. PEX is a better option due to its flexibility. With PEX, one end can connect to the main water control system, and meander through walls and floors without interruption, until it eventually leads to an individual fixture. 

Some plumbers like to call PEX an ideal plumbing solution because a single length of PEX for each hot and cold-water supply fixture in your home eliminates the risk of pesky leaks that can occur at multiple connection sites, like with other piping materials. 

However, PEX is not suitable for outdoor use as it quickly breaks down due to ultraviolet rays.

plumber repairing cvpc pipeRepiping Cost

It’s difficult to assign a general, overall repiping cost without understanding the key features of your home since the size of your home and the materials you plan to use are instrumental in ascertaining the cost to repipe your home. 

This is because the size dictates how long our crew will be working, and the square footage also gives us better knowledge of how much piping material will need to be used.  

Repiping a house? Contact an Elite technician to gain a deeper insight into the exact costs of your projects.

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Faulty pipes can not only lead to costly problems for your home but can also pump out unhealthy water. If you think you need to repipe your entire house, don’t fret. Repiping your whole property doesn’t have to be as mountainous and overwhelming as you might think it is.

That’s because our team of vetted, experienced professionals are the best in Sarasota and are here to make the repiping process as seamless as possible. 

W​hen you need a repiping company, you need the best. That’s why you should contact Elite for your expert home repiping services. Contact us today to learn about our repiping services and our water line repair in Sarasota, FL.

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