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Elite JoinED Forces With Mr. AC

Elite Heating & Air and Mr. AC share a similar goal—helping Florida customers stay comfortable in their homes all year round. Now, we’re partnering with Mr. AC and extending the benefits of our partnership to you. 

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Since 2015, Mr. AC has delivered honest and transparent services to every customer in need of reliable services. Owner-operator Andy Naylor has extensive experience in the HVAC service industry. He was first introduced to the HVAC business 15 years ago when he was working full-time and gaining on-the-job experience. Naylor took the time to earn his air conditioning contractor certification. The result of his hard work is a passion for providing excellent services and creating a work culture based on care, quality, and qualification.

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Benefits of an Elite & Mr. AC Partnership

Merging our companies allows us to cover a larger service area. Florida residents and businesses can rest assured knowing they have a trustworthy HVAC company nearby. When you’re facing HVAC issues or need maintenance, choose us to receive benefits like:

  • 24/7 Emergency Service
  • Warranty Protection
  • No Emergency Charges
  • Licensed & Insured
  • Free estimates for heating and cooling replacement systems
  • Financing

Cooling Services

As any Floridian knows, functioning air conditioning is an absolute necessity. Summer can bring scorching heat and lots of humidity, both of which can make your home insufferable unless your AC is up and running. 

If you’re experiencing issues or suspect your AC unit isn’t working at its most efficient, contact us. We can provide everything from a free estimate to diagnosing the issue and making repairs. Request AC Service.

Heating Services

Cool days may not be frequent in Florida, but when they arrive, you’ll be thankful for your heating system. Our team is ready to help whenever you experience problems with heating. Start with a free estimate and allow our technicians to repair, replace, or discuss other solutions with you. Request Heating Services.

Installation Services

Tired of seeing a rising utility bill? It could be due to the age and inefficiency of your heating and cooling system. Contact us so we can discuss cost-effective solutions like a high-efficiency system. Our team can install your new system that fits your needs and budget. Request Installation Services.

Duct Renovation Services

The quality of the air you breathe in your home heavily depends on the status of your ductwork. Dust, allergens, and mildew may contaminate your ducts, causing an unhealthy flow of air in your home. Reach out today for an airflow system inspection. We can also repair or replace several issues that may be impacting your air ducts and air quality. Request Duct Renovation.

Ductless or ‘Mini-Splits’ Systems

If you’re looking for a highly efficient system that provides consistent comfort throughout your home—a mini-split may be your solution. Mini-splits or ductless systems consist of an indoor unit combined with an outside compressor. There are several ways you can use a mini-split system to give you greater temperature control in your home. Speak with our technicians to get a better idea of how this system can benefit your home. Request Ductless System Service.

Smart Thermostats

Thermostats have gone through many changes over the years. Modern-day smart thermostats give you much more control over your home’s indoor environment and allow you to make changes from a smartphone or device. Want to walk into a cool environment right after work? Simply change the settings from your work desk and enjoy a cool welcome. Explore the high-quality smart thermostat brands we offer. Request Smart Thermostat Installation.

Indoor Air Quality Services

Home should be a place where you can breathe easily. But if your indoor air quality is poor, you may be breathing in dust, particulates, and pollutants. If you’re curious about the quality of your indoor air, contact us for an evaluation. Our teams have the equipment and tools needed to eliminate air quality issues. Request Indoor Air Quality Services.

Trust All Your HVAC Needs With Elite Heating & Air

Whether you’re experiencing issues with your heating or cooling systems or are curious about the quality of air in your home—you can rely on Elite Heating & Air technicians. Our team offers 24/7 emergency service and guaranteed same-day service. We can help ensure you stay comfortable in your home all year round.

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