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Toilet Repair and Installation Services in Sarasota, FL

Reliable Toilet Repair, Replacement, or Installation in Sarasota, FL

Perhaps no other part of your home’s plumbing system is as important as the toilet. The average homeowner uses this fixture multiple times every day. When a plumbing disaster strikes, you need the right team on your side to perform a toilet repair service.

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The experts at Elite are available 24/7 to repair common issues like overflowing toilets and clogged drains. We proudly serve communities throughout the greater Sarasota region, including Bradenton, Palmetto, and Riverview. When you need a reliable plumber to fix your toilet or install a new one, we’re the team to call. 

Common Household Toilet Problems

Chances are you’ve had to deal with a clogged or overflowing toilet. However, these plumbing fixtures can malfunction in several other ways, requiring a toilet repair service. Our residential plumbers in Sarasota can fix a wide range of common toilet issues, including:

  • Weak and ineffective flushes
  • Strong flushes that don’t eliminate all waste
  • A toilet tank that fills with water after every flush or makes noises while filling up
  • Consistently low water levels in the toilet bowl
  • Toilets that take a while to finish flushing
  • Noises coming from the bathroom sink or tub every time the toilet flushes

If you experience any of these issues, reach out to our friendly specialists. We provide the toilet repair Sarasota homeowners trust in an emergency. Instead of risking further damage to your bathroom’s fixtures, book our top-notch plumbing services, such as drain cleaning and toilet replacement. 

Leaking Toilets 

You should always call a professional if you notice water leaking from any of your plumbing fixtures. A leaky toilet, in particular, is cause for concern. Don’t delay scheduling immediate toilet repair services, or else you could face costly damage. 

Ignoring the problem can waste countless gallons of water and lead to skyrocketing water bills. Leak detection is also vital for minimizing structural damage. As water collects at the base of your toilet, it can penetrate the subflooring and create significant damage to your home’s structure. 

You can trust our experts to identify the cause of the leak and stop it in its tracks. Depending on the severity of the leak, we’ll resolve the issue with either a toilet repair or replacement service. 

Water Leaking from ToiletWhat Causes a Toilet To Leak? 

Your toilet may leak for a number of reasons. Below is a breakdown of the most common causes of a leaky toilet and the fixture repairs necessary to stop the flow of water. Learn how our residential plumbers in Bradenton detect and repair toilets that have a leak within the system. 

Damaged Flapper  

The toilet tank contains a small rubber seal at its base. This piece, known as the flapper, keeps water at bay inside the tank. However, over time, the flapper can wear and cause water to continuously flow from the tank into the bowl. If you hear your toilet running constantly, this is the likely cause of the problem. 

Loose or Damaged Fill Valve  

Another key component inside the toilet tank is the fill valve. The main responsibility of the fill valve is to control the water level of the tank. Damaged or loose valves can’t properly regulate the water level, resulting in a leak that requires professional toilet repair service.

Misaligned Pipes or Valves  

All your plumbing fixtures rely on pipes to supply water. The pipes can gradually misalign with your plumbing fixtures and become loose.

When that happens, the damaged pipes and valves begin to leak water. Plumbers will have to either tighten the loose areas or conduct a pipe replacement. 

Cracked Toilet Tank  

Water will consistently flow from a toilet tank with cracks in it. If your tank has visible cracks, holes, or other damage, call our professional plumbers right away. We’ll replace the toilet with a newer model that doesn’t have any damage to the tank. 

Loose or Damaged Water Supply Line  

Your home’s water supply line connects to your toilet tank from the back of the bathroom wall. Any loose connections or cracks in the water supply line will result in water leaking onto your floor. Only a licensed plumber can repair this issue and prevent future leaks. 

Corroded Overflow Tube 

The toilet’s overflow tube is responsible for preventing the tank from overflowing. As this piece corrodes over time, it will cause a leak that will need a toilet repair service to fix. 

Worn-Out Wax Seal

Like other pieces of the toilet, the wax seal that sits at the base of the fixture will face wear and tear with regular use. When the seal starts to deteriorate, water will leak onto the floor.  

High Water Pressure 

Leaks caused by a faulty fill valve often increase your water pressure level and cause the leak to worsen. 

Cracked Toilet TankHow Much Does a Toilet Installation Cost? 

The cost of a toilet repair service or installation varies based on a few different factors. For example, the type of toilet you select plays a key part in the final price, as well as the complexity of the job and your current plumbing layout.

While the total cost may vary between customers, you can always expect transparency from our plumbers. We never charge extra for emergency services and provide honest, upfront pricing. 

Do you want a fast estimate for a toilet repair and installation service? Our EZ Book online booking platform allows you to set up a free in-home consultation with a licensed plumber. 

Toilet Repair and Installation Services in Sarasota & Bradenton, Florida

Keep your toilets in good working condition with the help of Elite Heating & Air. Our licensed plumbers specialize in toilet repair services when you experience common problems like weak flushes, pipe leaks, or overflowing water. If your toilet is beyond repair or you want to switch to a newer, more efficient model, we also offer toilet installation services.

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