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Heat Pump Repair & Replacement IN BRADENTON & Sarasota, FL

Whether you have a heat pump that needs services, want to replace your current one, or want one installed—you can rely on Elite Heating & Air. We’ve been serving Sarasota and Manatee counties for over 30 years. We’re delighted to help you and your family stay comfortable in your home year-round. Don’t hesitate to call us for heat pump services any time of day or night.

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What is a Heat Pump? 

A heat pump is a device that can keep your home cool and comfortable all year round, similar to an AC unit. As its name implies, a heat pump transfers heat from one setting to another. In the heat of summer, a heat pump will push air out of your home. In cooler months, it can pull energy from the cold outdoor air, creating a warm and comfortable indoor environment.

Heat Pump Service by Elite Heating & Air 

Heat Pump Installation 

Installing a heat pump is no small service, making it important to hire a professional you can trust. Before getting one installed, you should consider the climate you live in. Extreme temperatures, like the ones you see in various parts of Florida, mean you need a heat pump designed to accommodate it. Other considerations include the amount of space your home has for a heat pump, and what power and water source will be available for it. Our expert heat pump technicians can help you make a decision—just give us a call

Heat Pump Maintenance 

Like other HVAC components, your heat pump greatly benefits from regular maintenance. Hiring Elite Heating & Air for heat pump maintenance is your best option. You can expect us to check the filters, clean the coils, check the refrigerant levels, and more. Regular maintenance not only extends the life of your heat pump, but it can also help you stay ahead of larger repairs or services that may cost more. 

24/7 Emergency Heat Pump Repairs 

Breakdowns and malfunctions rarely occur when it’s convenient for you. That’s why Elite Heating & Air offers 24/7 emergency heat pump repair services. Heating is vital to your and your family’s comfort, and we dedicate our time to helping you when you need it most. The best part is there’s no extra fee for emergency repairs. That’s right, you get same-day service at no extra cost.

Heat Pump Replacement 

You don’t have to wait for your heat pump to completely break down to replace it. If your heat pump is outdated or can no longer keep your home comfortable, then you should replace it. An outdated or inefficient heat pump, it’ll no longer save you money on energy bills. Contact Elite Heating & Air to discuss how a newer, more efficient model could help you save. 

Heat Pump Tune-Up 

To get the most savings and best performance from your heat pump, you should call us for a tune-up. During a heat pump tune-up, our technician will check the belt for wear, inspect your ductwork for leaks, test the thermostat’s accuracy and calibration, and more. Regular tune-ups practically guarantee your heat pump is working at its peak efficiency. 

Why Elite Heating & Air

Our team is licensed, insured, and dedicated to providing high-quality heat pump services and great customer service—regardless of the size of the job. Whether it’s the crack of dawn, midnight, or any time in between, we’ll provide same-day heating, air, and plumbing services at no extra cost to you. Give us a call for all your heat pump needs.

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