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Nothing slows down your home’s functionality like a slow-moving drain. Fortunately, our Bradenton and Sarasota, FL, drain repair and replacement services will whip your pipes back into shape. Learn how to spot a budding drain problem and when to call for help before your pipes spiral into a larger— and costlier— problem. 

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7 Signs You Need a Drain Repair 

A clogged drain is perhaps the most notable sign you need drain repair, but other symptoms of drain damage aren’t as apparent.

Here are seven signs you need a drain repair or drain replacement:

  • You have a slow drain
  • Your sinks, tub, and toilet have backup waste
  • You smell bad odors 
  • You struggle with frequent drain clogs 
  • You hear loud, strange, gurgling sounds 
  • You notice a sudden dip in water pressure
  • You see a sudden pest problem 

If you see one or more of these seven signs, it’s time to dial in professional drain repair help, as your plumbing woes may stem from a clogged or broken drain. 

1. Slow Drainage

We’ve all been there: you’re brushing your teeth when you notice your sink making a slow swirling motion, and then, suddenly, it stops draining. When water is slow to drain, more than likely, there’s a blockage deep within the pipe that’s obstructing flow and preventing water from passing through. 

A blockage can occur for many reasons: hair, grease, soap, dirt, and even toilet paper can sneak into your drain and pile up. Over time, this build-up culminates into a nasty blockage that constricts water flow. If left unattended, this deep blockage can damage your pipe’s interior. If you notice slow drainage, it may be time to call a professional plumber from Elite to perform a drain repair.

2. Waste Backup

No one wants to see waste backup in their home. If you see this unsightly problem bubbling up from your sink, toilet, or shower, your draining system has a serious problem. Waste backup can stem from a multitude of issues, like pipe corrosion, pipe collapse, ground shifting, or intruding tree roots. 

Don’t wait to fix sewage backup as it poses grave health risks to you and other occupants. 

3. Bad Odors 

Notice a funny smell wafting through your home? The problem could be a clogged drain. When stagnant water becomes trapped in the bowels of your draining system, it creates a foul odor that spreads through your home. Consider scheduling drain cleaning or a drain repair today. 

4. Frequent Drain Clogs 

While an occasional clogged drain shouldn’t send off alarm bells, it could indicate a deeper problem with your plumbing if your drains clog frequently. What most likely is happening is deep down in your pipes, there is an obstruction, be it food, debris, or another blockage. As a result, your drain clogs often. 

5. Unusual Gurgling Sounds

From creaking pipes to sudden noises, your plumbing system can emit noises from time to time. However, if you hear gurgling or rumbling from your sink, this means air is trapped in the drain. 

A few causes can trap air: the problem could be a broken plumbing vent or sink trap. Regardless, gurgling is a symptom of a greater problem that requires the attention of a professional drain repair service. 

6. Low Water Pressure

Do you have low water pressure in your bathroom or kitchen? If so, that means that a pipe has degraded or a clog is preventing the full water supply from funneling out of your sink or shower head. 

7. Pests

Termites, roaches, mice, and rats all share one thing: they need water to survive. When your home has a leak or stagnant water, it transforms into a mecca for thirsty pests in your vicinity. 

Many of these pesky creatures feed off sewage or byproducts of clogged sinks. When your drains are clogged, this sewage becomes a feast for bugs, rodents, and other critters. 

If you notice a sudden pest problem and can’t identify the source, the problem may be a leak somewhere in your home—schedule drain repair services to fix the problem. 

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