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Thermostat Settings

Thermostat Settings

Your digital thermostat is a versatile device that displays two temperatures. The first is the real-time temperature inside your home while the second is the target temperature you can adjust whenever your thermostat is set to auto or run mode.

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This device operates by reading your target temperature and activating your HVAC system to reach that temperature, keeping your home at the preferred comfort level.

Thermostat Auto Mode

Your thermostat’s auto mode is a commonly used setting, one that your system likely operates on for extended periods. This mode works by comparing the thermostat’s set temperature with the current room temperature.

Here’s an example. Let’s say it’s summer, and you prefer to keep your thermostat at 78 degrees. When your thermostat is set to auto mode, it will constantly track the temperature. If it detects a temperature higher than 78 degrees, it will automatically trigger your air conditioning system. The cooling system will run until it reduces the room temperature to 78 degrees.

It’s worth noting that auto mode isn’t just for cooling. It’s also useful during colder seasons. Whether you’re using the heat or cool setting, auto mode keeps your indoor environment at your preferred temperature, providing consistent comfort year-round.

What Does “Hold” Mean on a Thermostat?

The “hold” function on your thermostat offers a way to temporarily override the programming you’ve set, giving you flexibility when you need it. If you have a smart thermostat, it operates according to the temperature schedule you’ve established. But there might be occasions when your routine changes. That’s where the “hold” feature comes in handy.

When you engage the “hold” mode on your thermostat, it will maintain the current temperature until you adjust it once more. This feature is helpful when your daily schedule shifts.

The simplicity of the “hold” mode is what makes it so appealing. Whenever your schedule returns to normal, you can easily switch from “hold” mode to “run” mode to revert to your programmed settings. It keeps you comfortable without disrupting the energy efficiency associated with your regular routine.

What Does “Run” Mean on a Thermostat?

The “run” function on your thermostat is a key feature that homeowners like you find incredibly useful. This mode allows your system to run on the preprogrammed settings.

The main benefit of “run” mode is the energy savings it offers. The ability to customize your HVAC system’s operating times according to your schedule guarantees energy isn’t wasted on heating or cooling a house when you’re not around.

Thermostat Settings for the Summer

The recommended thermostat setting for summer is around 78 degrees Fahrenheit. This temperature balances your need for comfort with the financial need for efficient energy usage, which can ultimately help you manage your energy bills better. During the summer, raise the temperature on your thermostat or completely shut off the cooling system to prevent unnecessary and costly energy consumption.

Programmable thermostats are a great asset for managing your home’s temperature, especially when you’re not around. You can schedule your thermostat to start cooling your home just before you return. That way you can walk into a comfortably cool environment without wasting energy throughout the day.

Thermostat Settings for the Winter

The recommended temperature for your thermostat in winter is 68 degrees Fahrenheit. This temperature balances comfort and energy use, maintaining a pleasant indoor environment without producing excessive heating costs.

It’s worth noting you can enjoy additional energy savings by lowering this temperature when you’re away from home or sleeping. According to the U.S Department of Energy, reducing your thermostat setting by seven to ten degrees for eight hours each day could lower your yearly heating costs by as much as 10%.

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If you need help understanding how your thermostat modes and settings work or you’re thinking about getting a programmable thermostat for your house, Elite is here to help. Our team can walk you through the settings, help troubleshoot any problems, and even install a customized system that meets your needs. Feel free to contact us today to book an appointment or have any questions for a team member. We’re dedicated to keeping you comfortable and your home energy efficient no matter the season.